The Vampeater is a rare cryptid from South America.

Description Edit

Although few have seen this Freddy Kruger of the Jungle, those who have seen it all describe it as an immensely tall anteater, with bloodshot eyes, and a tail that could knock out an elephant in one hit. They also have notably red coloration, possibly from the blood of animals they eat. The creatures are very quiet as well, but once they find prey, they alert others by making a loud bellowing noise.

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Although there have been almost 50 reported sightings of this beast, these four are some of the most interesting.

1819 Edit

The first reported sighting of this blood sucking beast first came in 1819, when a group of explorers were exploring the jungles of Peru. The group was walking through the night jungle, when a loud sound broke the silence. It sounded like it could be a jaguar screaming. As they got closer, they expected to see one hunting it's prey, but what they saw, was not the jaguar eating prey, but the jaguar as the prey. An enormous figure was using it's long snout to devour the big cat. The explorers watched in horror as the monster sucked the blood and organs out of the cat and tossed it's deflated body aside. That was when they ran. The explorers later described the creature as a giant anteater, but bigger and more bloodthirsty than ever seen before

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