Sightings Edit

This animal has been sighted around 7 times,not counting one of which was a hoax. What’s more a corpse has been found! it‘s most famous sighting was by Nathan Li,a Canadian nature photographer who was looking for nocturnal wildlife, with his night vision equipment. He described his encounter as “mind blowing”. He was walking down a road with the camera,until he heard strange grunts and growls. He thought it was a bear until he saw a large animal running out of the vegetation. It looked like a large reptilian,but with a coating of feathers and it was bipedal. It seemed to be running after..or away..from something. Other sightings have seen smaller specimens except for one. This one was a dangerous encounter of the animal. The sighter requests to remain anonymous. They were walking in a field with their dog when they saw a huge animal resting on a hill. It has grey and black plumage,and large teeth. The dog went up to the animal,and startled it. Unfortunatley the dog was killed by the huge jaws of the beast. The farmer described it as 15 or so meters long,with plumage head to tail except for its muzzle,and sharp teeth. The farmer went closer to the animal and it seemed injured. The animal snapped at him,and he ran away. Other sightings may of been juvenile,the farmers sighting may of been a bull male,hence its aggression.

Possible Explainations Edit

  • The most common explanation is that it is a breed of living Tyrannosaurus Rex,or a Tyrannosaurid.
  • It may be a large species of bear (unlikely)
  • It may be a new animal altogether