Sammy the Circussaurus
The only existing photograph of Sammy.
Description Supposed Spinosaurus
First Sighting 1881
Last Sighting 1882
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo, but was brought to California.
Habitat Swamp
Sammy the Circussaurus is a purportedly captured Spinosaurus that supposedly thrived for about a year in a Californian circus.


Sammy was said to have been 34 feet long and was primarily blue and black, but had creamy underparts, a bright red sail, with black stripes and spots speckled all over. Sammy was semi-aquatic, and living in the tank all the time was probably hard for it. He was said to perform shows akin to dolphin trick shows. Sammy was also said to have a benevolent temperament and typically emitted cooing sounds, but would growl or sigh occasionally. Sammy was said to have been fed live fish.


In September of 1881, a circus ring leader heard the tales of the supposed Nguma Monene and funded an expedition to capture the creature. One way or another, the expedition was allegedly successful and brought back an adult male to the anonymous ring leader. After merely 2 months of training, he tamed and trained the creature and affectionately named it Sammy. Because Spinosaurus was not yet discovered, and dinosaurs were still relatively new, he simply named Sammy's species "Circussaurus", as he planned to ship the beast to a circus. Which he then did, when he sent Sammy to a Californian circus. Sammy reportedly lived in a tank too small for its immense size, but still lived in it for around a year anyways doing all sorts of aquatic tricks. Only one photo of the supposed creature exists and was taken by one of the earliest cameras. However, one night after the circus had just closed, Sammy crawled out of his tank and escaped the circus grounds. It is unknown what happened to him in the end. An unconfirmed report of Sammy basking on a river bank a few miles away from the circus grounds was reported. 

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. The photo shown appears to be some sort of decoy model as some sort of hoax to make money. However, the alleged dinosaur was so paleontologically advanced and accurate to modern day findings that the dinosaur had to have been based on some grain of truth. Perhaps they actually saw a Nguma Monene and based their fake creature off of the sighting. 
  2. However, there were hundreds of witnesses to Sammy's shows that prove that this might have been some kind of living Spinosaurus that was actually somehow caught, tamed, and brought into the United States.