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Palo Duro Desmatosuchid
Palo duro
Description Desmatosuchus
First Sighting 2009
Last Sighting 2009
Country United States
Habitat Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Desmatosuchus spurensis

The Palo Duro Desmatosuchid is a cryptid that was sighted only once in 2009.


This creature was sighted only once by a man named Tom Conway in 2009. Mr. Conway went to the popular Palo Duro Canyon State Park for a little day trip. As he was hiking along a well known path, he saw a creature that he claimed looked "prehistoric". He said it was around 8 feet long and was "kind've olive brown, or blue gray" and also noted it was quadrupedal. However, he noticed the large scutes running along its back and the huge spikes that jutted out of its shoulders. He said it then snorted, saw him, and crawled back into the small cave from which it emerged. In astonishment, he ran back to the museum that sits at the top of the canyon to see if he could find out any information about it. No workers knew what he was talking about, however he did see a large exhibit about the creatures that lived in the canyon during the Triassic period. One of these was the Desmatosuchus, which, when Tom saw, said "That's the thing I saw! That's definitely it!"

Possible ExplanationsEdit

  1. While it is very unlikely that a prehistoric creature could have lived for so long in a place that is often visited in the public, the only logical explanation seems to be that a Desmatosuchus remains alive in the Palo Duro Canyon to this date.
  2. Tuojiangosaurus could also fit the creature's description, but Tuojiangosaurus never lived close to that region.
  3. A hoax is a often contemplated as an explanation as well.